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Garry Askey-Doran and wife Jean live in the suburb of Lindisfarne in the City of Clarence on the Eastern Shore of the City of greater Hobart. LINDISFARNE: An eastern shore suburb of Hobart, fronting onto the Derwent River at Lindisfarne Bay. Named after "Lindisfarne House", a property adjoining Rosny in the 1820s. It was originally named Beltana but it caused confusion with Bellerive and so was changed in 1903.

My grandfather John Alfred Askey-Doran ( John and Lydia Askey-Doran)originally lived at Molesworth, a small community between Granton and New Norfolk along the banks of the Derwent River. He later moved to a property at New Norfolk (Askey-Doran Property - property seen from the Bush Inn) where he continued the family tradition of hop growing.

An extract from the description of Rosie's Inn, a Bed and Breakfast at New Norfolk.

Our home, some ninety five squares, was built in 1956 by the Australian Newsprint Mills (now Norske Skog) for its staff and has historic links with the timber and newsprint industry, traditionally one of the main employers in the area.


Prior to this, the Askey-Doran family owned the property, growing hops until the late 1930's. Sadly the historic farm house, oast house and hop fields were demolished and the only link with the Askey-Doran's historic property is the name of our street, "Oast Street". Oast (derived from the Latin word meaning heat) the term used for kilns which dried the hops for beer making.

Reprinted with the kind permission of Rosie Wood.

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